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52pin printer cartridge connector

CFE Pogo Pin Connector Advantages:

1.We have 14 years experience for pogo pin connector,high current connection, high life cycles,low impedance,corrosion resistance and other reliability;

2.Customize high current pogo pin more 1600 items(2A-30A)

3.Customize Pogo pin connector more 300 items(2pin-30pin)

4.Development 1.27Pitch 2-40pin standard products(6mm-15mm height)

5.2.54mm pitch 2.5mm & 4.0mm housing,1-68pin standard products,

2-128pin double row standard pogo pin connector products

(4.5mm-15mm height)SMT/DIP/Right Angle/Solder Cup

6.Development low height pogo pin 1.3mm-4.4mm for customer options


52pin connector printer cartridge

Products Application:

1)Consumer electronics products,PCB board;

2)Digital camera/Medical products/ Printer cartridges;

3)Golf handle/ Electric vehicles/ Telephony applications;

4)Cardiac defibrillator/Car charging /Air purifier;

5)LED flat luminaries/LED flash light/Tablet/Laptop/PC ;

6)Power bank/ Digital product/ Small household electrical application;

7)Charging products/Signal transmission products etc