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CFE Product Application Technology Advantages(Pogo pin Connector):

1,   HF process: Nearly 200 plastic standard models for choosing to replace used, including 2.54mm pitch housing, double row 2 to 128 pin,single row 1-64pin

 -Can provide the product specification

2,   Lead free process: metal plunger can choose with lead fee(0ppm), low lead free(100ppm)or EU standard(40000ppm)

    -Can provide ROHS test report

3, Insulate spring: SUS303 ,music wire, can gold plating(low impedence) or insulating layer plating (high current)

    -Can provide Current temperature rise test report

4, The vacuum barrel plating: Using Japanese technology of vacuum barrel plating, gold-plated specific: 1-200 u; No carbon and fluoride pollution

   -Can provide X-Ray plating thickness test report

5, High durability: The Products life highest can be 500,000 times;

   -Can provide life load curve report

6, High rated current: we have largely produced high rated current 5-10A , Can customize small specific of high current products

   -Can provide Current temperature rise test report

7, Small impedance values: can customize small impedance value (5 mohm Max)

   -Can provide impedance Load curve report

8, Lateral force: Two kinds of special structure design can make the plunger in conventional vertical stress situation, also can be 180 ° lateral force, ensuring the life be more than 100,000 times;

   -Can provide lateral-force load curve report

9, High smooth: Inner hole roughness can be controlled in 0.4μ

   -Can provide inner hole finish report

10, Side air exhaust: long-thin tube using the side vents (0.3-0.5 mm), ensure the bottom of the tube gold-plated layer uniformity

    -Can provide inner thickness test report

11, Small diameter blind holes: for turning small diameter of 0.80 mm, Largely used for mobile phone and computer signal transmission

    -Can provide specification and sample

12, Eccentric dielectric beads: In traditional spring pin when plunger contact with the spring , the current pass through the needle at the same time have a chance go spring, leading to it’s can not absolutely endure large current. But our Eccentric dielectric beads design make the plunger and spring insulation, to ensure 100% insulation and resistance to high current

   -Can provide sample and test report

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