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Customized waterproof male & female magnet connector

New type male and female magnetic connector used for coffeemaker and data transmission and power supply,R&D low cost and high performance ,Over 200 items design solution

Customized magnetic connector

Customized magnetic connector,Connector suface:after 3650cycles ,no crack on the connector surface

Magnetic male & female connector for desk lamp

professional manufature magnetic connectors for desk lamp,magnetic power connector for LED and flashlight,R & D team of independent design ,Over 200 items design solution

2pin male & female magnetic power connector for LED light

2pin male and female custom magnetic charger connector,magnet connector for LED light,Audio and camera application,Custom magnet connector

Magnetic male & female pogo pin connector for LED

Magnetic male & female pogo pin connector for LED,CFE have 6 years magnet connector experience,R&D low cost and high performance

6pin Male & female magnetic connector

6pin Male & female magnetic connector,The magnetic connector design of an LED through hole, green light docked in the USB side when the lights.

5pin Male & female magnet connector

These connectors make a fast and automatic connection.Can be used simply with just positive and negative wires but also includes 5 communication wires for advanced users.

Magnetic electrical connector with charging and transmission signal

Magnetic Electrical Connector,CFE professional manufacture high quality Magnetic Electrical Connector Products and provide you full set solution
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