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How the Pogo pin is soldered to the PCB and make it fixed?

Update time :2021-12-10 09:15:31
Pogo pin is a common electric connector, be made of barrel, plunger and spring. The mouth of the barrel is crimped, the plunger is held in the barre, and the spring provides contact force to establish an electrical connection between the plunger and the mating part. Many people do not know how the spring loaded pogo pin is welded. Follow CFE, we will tell you how the pogo pin is welded.
With the development of the market and the upgrading of products, more and more consumers are not only limited to the multi-functionality of products, but also need a small and stylish appearance.The spring pin is a very fine probe, which can be made very small. It will reduce connector weight, save space, and beautiful appearance when used in precision connectors.
Many customer will consult how to make the pogo pin welding to PCB? In the process of using the spring loaded contact, the male and female ends are docked, and the spring pin is compressed for a certain stroke (compression 1.0mm, elasticity 70g ± 20g), make it can be power ups and data transmission and so on.
The spring pin can be soldered on the PCB to fix it, or it can be fixed in the product structure. These require professional design engineers to solve the problem.
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