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Magnetic male & female connector for desk lamp

professional manufature magnetic connectors for desk lamp,magnetic power connector for LED and flashlight,R & D team of independent design ,Over 200 items design solution

2pin male & female magnetic power connector for LED light

2pin male and female custom magnetic charger connector,magnet connector for LED light,Audio and camera application,Custom magnet connector

Magnetic male & female pogo pin connector for LED

Magnetic male & female pogo pin connector for LED,CFE have 6 years magnet connector experience,R&D low cost and high performance

6pin Male & female magnetic connector

6pin Male & female magnetic connector,The magnetic connector design of an LED through hole, green light docked in the USB side when the lights.

5pin Male & female magnet connector

These connectors make a fast and automatic connection.Can be used simply with just positive and negative wires but also includes 5 communication wires for advanced users.

Magnetic electrical connector with charging and transmission signal

Magnetic Electrical Connector,CFE professional manufacture high quality Magnetic Electrical Connector Products and provide you full set solution

Magnetic power connector for laptop

The plug and receptacle each have a magnetic element. The magnetic element on one or both of the plug and receptacle can be a magnet.CFE can customized a products depend on your requirements

CFE customization magnetic dc connector for smart glasses

With the development of science and technology ,CFE continually develops new magnetic connectors to meet the need of customers.About the round type magnetic dc connector for smart glasses, it get rid of traditional connector charging ways,through magnet contact with magnet ,achieve to automatic adsorption. .
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