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2pin magnetic charging cable use in electonic candle light

2pin magnetic charging cable,2pin cable connector,wearable electronic products,docking magnet force 150g,R&D low cost and high performance ,Over 200 items design solution

2pin magnetic cable connector for Intelligent Lighting

2pin cable connector,docking magnet force 60g,2pin charging cable connector,Custom 2pin-40pin magnet connector,Achieve excellent waterproof design

Customized SMT Pogo Pin Spec

cfe professional manufacture Gold-plated SMT/SMD pogo pin and over 14 years pogo pin connector exprience,R&D low height pogo pin for 1.3mm,Products life reach 1000,000 cycles

2pin smart wearable magnetic charging cable connector with USB

wearable product magnetic cable connector,magnetic 2-point charging cable connector,2pin SmartBand magnetic cable connector with USB,Custom 2pin-40pin magnet connector

Humidifier 4pin male and female magnetic cable connector

CFE professional R&D electronic magnetic pogo pin cable connector for LED,Magnetic Connector? Supplier / Factory

4pin wearable magentic charger connector

CFE have over 6 years magnet connector R&D experience, professional customized 4pin magnetic charger connector,products related to medical,automotive, electronics equipment, consumer electronics, intelligent wearable devices, etc.

3 pin cable connector magnetic charging connector for air cleaner

3 pin cable connector magnetic charging connector for air cleaner,CFE have over 6 years of magnetic connector experience and we have development nearly 50 products in many areas of successful application experience; products related to medical, automotive, electrical, consumer electronics, intelligent wear equipment.

5pin electric magnetic power cable connector for electric wheelchairs

5pin electric magnetic power cable connector for electric wheelchairs,CFE focus on research development magnetic connector and magnetic cable connector.Our magnetic products have the advantage of automatic adsorption,fast charging.the pogo pin have a good electric conductivity,not easily corroded in a severe environment.
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